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Get on your bike

Did you know there are over one billion bicycles throughout the world? Any idea how many people the longest tandem bicycle seated? The answer is 35 people.

The lowly bicycle has been around since 1418 and to this day remains one of the most popular – and healthiest – modes of transport.

That’s good news for local bike shop owner David Adkins, who services the bikes of Wellingborough.

CE Adkins & Sons bike shop on Cambridge Street has been in business since 1923. It was founded by David’s father and when he retired, David took over.

He has been working in the shop since he was 15-years-old and now his son has joined him to help keep the family business going.

We wheelie love bikes

David, who used to cycle 40 miles in one bike ride, said: “There’s a bike for everyone. We provide an extremely thorough service and make sure that the bikes which are bought from us are well assembled and lubricated well.”

Adkins staff take the safety of their customers extremely seriously.

David added: “If you look after your bike, it will look after you, but we recommend you get your bike serviced regularly to maintain its safety.”

David is so committed to his business that he has not taken a holiday in 23 years. Here are his top reasons for why he favours bikes over cars:

Riding a bike gets you fitter
It’s a great family activity
Kids who cycle get to learn about their local area
Cycling is a great way to explore the countryside

Did you know you can travel three times faster on a bike than you can walk, for the same amount of energy? The fastest speed ever recorded on a bicycle is held by Fred Rompelberg and he reached 167 miles per hour.

Five reasons to visit CE Adkins & Sons

Do you like a personal service? Adkins will serve you one-to-one making sure all your cycling needs are met.
Are you a cycling fanatic who is looking for top quality products? Adkins stock a large selection of bikes and biking equipment.
Do you believe a job should be done properly? Adkins do, which is why each and every bike purchased from their shop is thoroughly serviced before it hits the road.
Support a family business which has been in Wellingborough since 1923.
If you want the best advice on which bike to buy, pop in and visit the Adkin family

CE Adkins & Sons is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 9am-530pm. On Thursdays they open at 1030am-1230pm. 

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