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Offering a great atmosphere, delicious food and the chance to try something a little bit different, Niwan Turkish Restaurant is ready to welcome you.

On visiting the Midland Road restaurant, which has recently been awarded a five-star food hygiene rating, customers can expect to find a sophisticated interior, which helps to provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Both hot and cold starters are on offer, ranging from olives and prawn cocktail to Kizartma, a hot starter made up from courgettes, potatoes, aubergines, carrots, red and green peppers deep fried and served with tomato sauce and fresh yoghurt and garlic. Main courses are all served with a salad with the menu’s mixed grill featuring cubes of lamb, adana, chicken, beyti and lamb chops cooked on a charcoal grill served with salad and rice, coming out as favourite.

A vegetarian menu is also available featuring culinary delights such as mantar soslu made from mushroom, tomato, green and red peppers with mozzarella cheese on top, served with rice. To help celebrate birthdays and other occasion, guests are invited to provide their own cakes, which will be brought out after dinner by the restaurant’s staff who also perform a special birthday song.

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31-33 Midland Road, Wellingborough NN8 1LU
01933 276807
Niwan Turkish Restaurant website