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Going over and above for underwear

Did you know that most women’s bra size will change on average six times during their lifetime and 80 per cent will continue to wear the wrong size?

Wearing a badly fitted bra can be bad for your health as they can cause headaches, neck aches and back ache.

Fortunately for the women of Wellingborough, Louise’s Boutique, which is tucked away on the top of floor of the Swansgate Shopping Centre, specialises in bra fitting.

Amanda Simpson, who owns the company with her husband, said: “We stock a huge range of underwear, shapewear and hosiery, but we are so much more than a lingerie store.

“We very much focus on the fitting of quality bras, which is incredibly important for posture and providing decent support.

“Wearing a badly fitted bra will also alter the appearance of your bust and might look strange. We say to all our customers, don’t be measured everytime you buy a bra, be fitted into that bra.”


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Amanda has worked in the industry for 15 years and has another shop which is located in Bedfordshire.

She says experience now means she only has to look at a customer and she is able to determine what bra size they are.

Despite this, Amanda always carries out a thorough fitting service just to ensure she is right and the bra fits the customer correctly.

The best for your breasts

Here are some top facts about the bra:

  • The average woman owns nine bras
  • The average cup size is now 34DD
  • The world’s biggest breast augmentation is a 38KKK
  • The first push-up bra was introduced in the 1800’s
  • The most expensive bra in the world is Victoria’s Secret’s $15 million Red Hot Fantasy bra.

Amanda says, unlike mainstream high street stores which sell underwear, Louise’s Boutique stocks a huge range of bra sizes.

“We can cater for women who have back sizes from 28 to 54 and our cup sizes starts from AA and go right up to a K. Prices start from £23.”

Five reasons to visit Louise’s Boutique

  • Do you like a personal service? Amanda is proud to provide an individual and tailored fitting service to each and every customer
  • Do you hate bra shopping? Visit Louise’s Boutique for an entirely different shopping experience.
  • Do you struggle to find the right bra size for your shape? Louise’s Boutique stocks a huge range of sizes from AA right up to a K.
  • Are you fed up of finding a nice bra and then not managing to find the matching knickers? Amanda understands the importance of matching sets and can order in whatever you want.
  • Headaches and backache getting you down? It could be your bra causing it – let Amanda fit your bra for you to find out if you can alleviate the problem.

Louise’s Boutique is open Monday to Saturday 9am – 530pm. For more information visit their website:

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