Pop Up Chilli Fest 2018

Chilli Fest is back

We are very pleased to say that the Chilli Fest will be back in February with their sizzling products and incredibly tasty chilli related items! 

Taking place in The Tithe Barn, just off Tithe Barn Road on Saturday the 24th of February, the event will host some of the best chilli producers in the UK. Try different chilli sauces and learn more about chillies. There will be lots of great food to eat. Expect cooking sauces, chilli jam, pastries, pickles, chocolate, hot dips, spicy snacks, chilli drinks like Tequila Chilli Beer & Chilli Cider and more!

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UK’s first Chilli Fiesta took place in 2011. After its success, the organiser started putting together the foundation of Chilli Fiesta’s core objectives and philosophy that eventually led to events being organised all over the country, working with supporters and like-minded people. This resulted in large footfalls for a day of family entertainment and chilli mayhem.

Looking to improve your health in a fun way? 

They say a chilli a day can keep the Doctor away! A few of the health benefits of chillies are:

Assisting in prevention of diabetes
Preventing stomach ulcers
Boosting immunity
Anti-bacterial… and more! 

Enjoy a day at this community-based event, celebrating chilli in a festive environment! 

24th February, 11 am to 5pm.

We will be supporting the local charity, Chelsea’s Angels, at this event!