Rebecca’s Flower Shop

The fabulousness of flowers

Did you know buying flowers is one of the most popular ways for people to apologise? There is lots to choose from too, as experts guess there are over 270,000 species of flowers in existence.

When the people of Wellingborough want to buy a bouquet where do they go? Many head to Rebecca’s Flower Shop located on Queen Street.

The store is owned and run by Rebecca Chambers-Clark who has been a florist for 11 years.
She said: “I got into the floristry business because I’ve always loved gardening with my family and I just knew it was something I wold love to do.”

Over the years Rebecca and her team have built up a loyal customer base, which she admits was “surprising”.
Rebecca added: “I didn’t think we would get regulars in this line of work, but we do. One of the nicest things about my job is I get to deal with lots of different people at the highest point of their lives, such as weddings. At the low points, like funerals, we help them through it. You get to spend time with each customer at key moments of their lives and we like to look after them.”

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For the love of flowers

Rebecca thinks the reason their customers come back time after time is because of the service they offer.

She said “We try to make a point of remembering everyone’s names. The lady I work with is great with remembering faces. She might only see someone once a year but she’ll always remember their name. We give more than a service over the counter. We take them round the shop and offer advice and work to our customers’ budgets. I think people really like the friendly atmosphere here.”

The flower shop also provides a delivery service to Wellingborough and the surrounding areas for a minimum spend of £22.

The flowers they use come directly from Holland and Columbia and are as fresh as they can possibly be.

Here are some top flower facts
• Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s.
• The history of flower arrangements dates back to ancient Egyptian times.
• There are nearly 25,000 varieties of the orchid.
• The rose is the most popular flower in the world.
• Evidence suggests people have been using flowers to say farewell to loved ones for over 62,000 years.

Five reasons to visit Rebecca’s Flower Shop
• Are you looking for a personal service? Rebecca and her team know most of their customers by name.
• Fed up of paying costly prices at the big chains? Rebecca arranges her bouquets to suit budgets.
• Do you want fresh, unique flower arrangements? All the flowers stocked at the shop are fresh and will last much longer than most places that sell flowers.
• Do you have a big occasion that you need flowers for?
• Are you looking for a way to brighten up your home, while also supporting a local business? Buying flowers from Rebecca is an inexpensive way to do just that.

Rebecca’s Flower Shop is located on Queen Street. They are open every day 9am – 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday they close at 4pm and on Saturdays they close at 12pm.
To find out more, visit their website or call 01933 272 300.

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