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Over a hundred? They otter be proud! 

There are an impressive 13 vets at Swanspool Vet Clinic – eight for small animals and five for equine and farm animals. Emma Pott, Assistant Practice Manager, says there is an emphasis on personal and individualised care, pet owners can request a specific vet to ensure continuity and to build up good relationships with their vet. However, that is just one reason of many as to why this clinic, founded just under a hundred and fifty years ago, is so popular.

Besides vet and nurse consultations and a 24/7 emergency out of hours service, the clinic offers radiography, ultrasonography, soft tissue surgery, endoscopy and dentistry to mention a few!

Routine surgeries, too, are performed in-house, as are abdominal surgery, caesareans, orthopaedic surgery and cardiac work ups, with animals occasionally sent away for referrals for specialised surgeries or medical conditions.

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Is worry for your pet making life unbearable?

Rapid results for blood tests are produced by the in-house lab. Is your pet too sick to be moved? To ease the worry, in certain circumstances Swanspool vets and nurses can visit your pet at home.

Facilities on offer are not limited to the physical well-being of your furry, scaly or feathered friend.

The clinic offers a pet passport scheme, alternative therapies like acupuncture, and advice on pet diabetes, nutrition and pet behaviour. Puppies are well looked after with puppy parties and adolescent clinics and if those pounds have piled up, there is a weight reduction clinic that offers guidance and support.


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Anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows how difficult it is to come to terms with the loss; Swanspool provides support in the form of a non-judgemental bereavement clinic, which is free of charge and held in a dedicated bereavement room.

Staff are also actively involved in charity work. Besides providing vet care for numerous animal charities, the practice organises regular charity events including a Quiz and Charity night. Emma says they raised £500 at Christmas and £1200 for the Air Ambulance charity, more recently.


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Everything’s pawsible! 

In reply to a question about unusual pets, Emma replies that exotics are a common sight in the clinic; monkeys, a racoon dog, skunks, badgers, flamingoes, llamas, alpacas and goldfish have been treated in the past. Microchipping a family of 20 meerkats and supporting a German shepherd giving birth to 14 pups are cases that took up a longer time than usual!

Emma confirms that the clinic’s USP is that it is an independently run practice, being the only one in Wellingborough. She adds that one way in which they offer a caring and personal service is by providing their own out of hour’s service for their clients, run by their own staff.

Emma states that the clinic’s USP is that it is not part of a chain, being the only independent Veterinary Clinic in Wellingborough. She adds that one way in which they focus on a personal service is by providing their own out of hour’s service for their clients, run by their own staff. 

Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Pet:

  • Yearly health check – to ensure your pet is in good general health, pets should have a top to toe check by a qualified veterinary surgeon at least once a year.
  • Flea & Worming – regular flea and worm treatments are important to prevent parasites and diseases. Speak to your vet about a product which would be best suited to your pet.
  • Enrichment – every animal needs to feel loved! It’s hugely important for their happiness and health for them to receive mental stimulation. Toys, plenty of exercise and time spent with their owner will make a contented pet.
  • Diet / Weight management – with 60% of dogs and 40% of cats in the UK currently overweight, diet and weight management is important. If your pet is overweight, this can lower their quality of life and can contribute to many weight-related diseases.
  • Grooming – Regular grooming is essential to keep your pet’s coat clean and tangle free, as well as providing a good opportunity to bond with your pet.

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