Top Beauty Centre

Top Beauty Centre is a beauty shop on Midland Road selling some exciting beauty products, with a focus on hair care. 

The business has been active for about 20 months or so. It caters to all clientele but targets minorities, because certain hair type lends itself to relaxing products, of which Top Beauty stock a good range. Additionally, the current trend leaning towards natural looking hair means more such products are in constant demand. 

There are several brands in the shop including the popular ‘Mane & Tail’ range. Sally, co-owner, states that one of their best selling brands is the ‘Cantu’ range, which claims to have high quality formulas that nourish and protect hair from styling damage. With no sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, gluten, paraffin and more, all of the Cantu for Natural Hair products benefit from 100% pure shea butter for added moisture and nourishment for all hair types and is Top Beauty’s highest seller. 

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Although not many seem to know this, Top Beauty also offers wig making services. This is backed up by the natural, glossy wigs of various shades in the store. They provide both human hair as well as synthetic hair extensions in several shades which are brought in from London. Although this part of the business has not really been promoted, Sally says that people are getting more aware of this as it is spreading by word of mouth. 

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Sally and other co-owner, Shameen Kousar, both feel that this type of offering is something Wellingborough has needed for a very long time. Their closest competitor is located in Northampton and the duo is very pleased to have filled this gap in the market. Their mission is, ‘providing hair care… a professional but casual atmosphere’, and both are very happy to share their knowledge with their customers. 

Five Top Sellers: 

  • Expression hair extensions
  • Natural hair oils
  • Organic hair food
  • Natural hair colour
  • Lightening creams 


Top Beauty Centre, 21B Midland Road, Wellingborough NN8 1HF
T: 01933 225 938       E:

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