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A shop on Midland Road offering a good choice of sport supplements. 


Follow the Sun Tanning Studio

Tan in style at Follow the Sun premium tanning salon!

Follow the Sun Tanning Studio offers the choice of lay-down or stand-up tanning beds, as personal preference dictates, for both men and women. 

MegaSun are revolutionising the tanning industry. Lay back and relax within one of their State of the Art MegaSun Alpha tanning beds. From Basic to Mediterranean through to Caribbean, each customer is exposed to a UV spectrum tailored to his or her individual needs. You can turn up the heat on the MegaSun Space, high-powered, stand up beds, with ultra hot tubes for that deep tanning experience.

The MegaSun Alpha creates a feeling of exclusivity; not only are the beds striking and dynamic in appearance, but they produce a greater power distribution, using PRESTIGE tubes and have a multifunction display and sound system. Technological perfection!

Why Follow the Sun Tanning Salon?

They believe that comfort is very important to their customers, which is why tanning beds are equipped with:
- Aqua Cool Systems
- Aromatherapy
- Air conditioning
- Voice Guide
- p2 tubes (provides a perfect tan + Vitamin D)
- Vibro plate (lose weight & tan at the same time)
- Music system

They also stock all the latest tanning lotions, bronzers and intensifiers and provide safe and responsible tanning facilities to help customers achieve an amazing tan in a clean and friendly environment.

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Holland & Barrett
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Oxford Street Therapy Centre

Oxford Street Therapy Centre provides treatment for a very wide range of conditions, using a variety of complementary therapies. The success of O.S.T.C is built on trust, expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch that always puts the health and well-being of clients first. All treatments are personally tailored to your needs to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

Sun Place

Sunplace is a tanning salon located in Wellingborough.