Vision Vape

Vision Vape: a small independent vaping shop with big dreams! 

Before starting the business, the young and enthusiastic owner, Ben Peers, would meet a like-minded community at vaping shops, but find no incentive to stay and mingle. Which got him thinking along the lines of combining a vaping shop with a cafe. Thus started Vision Vape which Ben says is the only vaping shop that offers a premium, locally sourced brand of coffee, which was being enjoyed on the day by a friendly group at the counter.  

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Vision Vape: a community aware enterprise

The shop has a friendly feel; customers are warmly welcomed and do not seem in a hurry to leave. Ben says he is trying to make Wellingborough a part of the community and in his small way is trying to bring the town back to what it used to be. He would like Vision Vape to be regarded as a safe place to go, for everyone; you don’t have to be a vaper to be welcomed into Ben’s shop.  

Vision Vape also tries to raise awareness of vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. While many vapers use products that contain nicotine, there are a growing number of vaping options that do not contain nicotine, which can be used by ex-smokers, people who like the social aspect of smoking and to enjoy the various flavours. Events and competitions are organised once a month like cloud competitions (who can blow out the biggest cloud of smoke!), raffles and similar activities. 

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Smoke without fire!

Ben provides a fully stocked Vape shop which offers all ranges of products for the complete beginner to quit smoking up to the collector items that hobbyists enjoy, while also strongly bringing out the social side and community aspect that vaping offers for new vapers, experienced vapers and non-vapers alike. He also works with local businesses as much as he can and says the most popular flavours he sells are Berry Ice cream by Quantum Steep, followed by Berry Crumble by City Vape.

The best feedback he has received is that the shop is a friendly place to visit where people are happy to listen; these complimentary comments are reflected in Vision Vape’s reviews. 


  • Wide range of vaping products
  • Friendly community atmosphere
  • Great premium locally sourced coffee
  • Delicious hot chocolate, yum! 
  • Massive clouds, coz it’s all about the clouds!!


Vision Vape, 5 Silver Street, Wellingborough NN8 1BQ
T: 01933 222149   
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Opening hours: Mon to Sat 9am to 9pm / Sun 10am to 6pm 

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